Park of Monte Cucco

Free flight in the Park of Monte Cucco

Fly with paragliders and hang-gliding and kindle the emotion.

Given the characteristics of topography providing the mountain of Monte Cucco, and is inevitable practice free flight.
The free flight in the our zone granted is 2 types: the use of paragliding or hang-gliding.
Paragliding is say similar activity of skydiving, and to practice it as well you know you need a specific equipment consists of a wing, the wing paracadustisti call, to which the seat of the pilot is suspended by two cables funicular. Paragliding is also composed of footrests that allow better performance in speed always taking into account the weather and especially aerological. The glider-mounted controls allow control of the direction of flight of the glider and its speed.
Unlike paragliding, hang gliding is shaped kite and is the only airplane that is driven by moving the weight of the pilot, with very few exceptions represented by hang gliders with aerodynamic controls and has its own style of leadership made up of real propi concepts.

More of these activities to be performed on the Park of Monte Cucco ?